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Whipped piece of meat
15 mins 27

A new piece of meat! Let's see how much he can take of what Lady Valente and I dish out. His hands up in the air, his body naked...just the way we like it. His flesh gets "warmed up" with our leather floggers before we bring our WHIPS out. As a good boy, he takes our LASHES. His skin slowly turning to a lovely shade of RED and purple. This piece of meat needs to suffer for us.

Tags: whipping, double domination, leather, CP, boots, gloves, high heels, dungeon

Ballbusting instructions via chat
13 mins 32

Coco is not amused with the presence of the house slave so she gets in touch with me via video chatT. I know exactly what will cheer her up and I give her ballbusting instructions in our live conversation. She is still quite new at busting slave balls but she will get the hang of things very quickly, her confidence builds up and we both have an amazing time kicking the house slave's balls for fun.

Tags: ballbusting, CBT, double domination, stockings

Caged male milking meat
14 mins 32

I decide when my slaves get to cum, their cock belongs to me and I will drain as much or as little of spunk out of them for my perverted experiments as I like. He can't reach his erection anyways, with his hands tied. I love to tease him and make him very desperate, make him rock hard and let him edge until I decide to extract his sticky, white fluids with my latex gloved hands. Of course I will ruin any of his pleasure. After all he is just meat to milk.

Tags: boots, latex, handjob, cumshot, gloves

Outdoor strap-on bitch fucking part 2
8 mins 22

Our little bitch will be invaded from both ends but first he must suck our cocks... Then we start pounding him hard and fucking him good.

Tags: outdoors, blonde, strap-on, anal, boots, jeans, double domination
Classy stiletto worship part 2

Classy stiletto worship part 2

Length: 9 mins 29

Dragon tail whipping outdoors

Dragon tail whipping outdoors

Length: 9 mins 57

Bagged and ashed

Bagged and ashed

Length: 7 mins 33

Classy stiletto worship part 1

Classy stiletto worship part 1

Length: 9 mins 32

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